Wonderful WeightLoss: Paul Johnston

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Paul Johnston. Here’s his story:

WLSA celebrates Paul’s 1 Year Sleeve Anniversary! He will never forget the 21st August 2015, the date he started shredding the BIG 90kg in 12 months!*

And just to make you dream – Santorini where my son was a couple of days ago!”


Paul Johnston 1 Year After Surgery, Lost 90kg!*

Below story was published on 30th May 2016, about 6 months post surgery:

Paul has drastically changed his life since starting his weight loss journey. From a starting weight of 198.2 kilos Paul lost 61 kilos at around about the 6 month post op mark.


He is more alert, more active and coping with the demands of everyday life with far more ease than he was previously. As a shift worker maintaining energy to cope is never easy; however now work is improved due to better sleep and more energy.

Paul would like to share his experience with you, read his story below:

About 12 months ago I finally got the courage to do something about my weight.  I mean, I had tried in the past but this time had to be different, drastic times and drastic measures kind of stuff.  At a massive 193kg, * I could only see my self living for a possible 3-5 years.  If I was lucky.


Luckily, I had no underlying medical issues to complicate but they should have been just around the corner.

I saw the team at WLSA in June 2015 and was approved for my surgery which was done on 21 August 2015.  This is a date I will always remember.  This is the date I started new and started the hard work to regain my life.

For anyone thinking about having the procedure done, please don’t think that it is “the magic cure” It isn’t.  You need to think that is part of your arsenal to reach a goal.  That goal is living a longer, happy and fulfilling life.


You need to be committed to wanting it to work.  Maybe the word “wanting” is the wrong word.  I had “wanted” things to work in the past.  They didn’t.  The correct word should be “making”.  There is no going back once you have the procedure, so you have to make it work.

I have told people that the day of my surgery was my lightbulb moment.  I knew that from that point my life would never be the same.  It sounds dramatic.  It is.  My partner and I loved our food.  Going to restaurants, cooking great meals for one another and throwing dinner parties with friends.  That changed on the 21st August.  While you can still do it, those about to have the job done will soon find out that you can’t.  It took some time before I could go out and enjoy a meal, given the small amount you can eat.  It placed a toll on my relationship.  Trust me, you can work it out.

I give this as an example.  In April this year I went on a holiday to Spain which involved a cruise.  We had 3 course dinners every night.  Yes, a three course dinner every night.  It took me a while to come to the common sense answer, of not trying to eat everything on the entrée, which would then mean not having a main course or desert.  So, I had a little from each one.

I have mentioned that the surgery is a piece of your arsenal to beat your weight problem.  The other parts are diet, exercise, determination and probably most importantly, a great support team.  At this point I would like to thank a few people, who have helped me over the last 9 months to a year.  The team at WLSA.  The support they give is fantastic.  A great dedicated team who work to make sure that you are successful with what you need to do.  Secondly, the team at Kangaroo Point Fitness Centre who have been so motivating and encouraging since the end of September last year when I first walked in.  Special thanks to Ally who is my trainer at KPFC.  She has been just fantastic working with me.  She tries to set programs for me for exercise but I just keep beating them.  Kicking goals every session.  Lastly, and most importantly, my partner Kelly.  She is one of the main reasons I have done this.  I want to be around longer with her.  She has been so supporting, encouraging and understanding through a process that hasn’t been easy on either of us.  I remember her sitting in the hospital after my surgery waiting for me to wake up.  Thinking I may not, hoping I would.

So, how have I changed over the last 9 months or so?  I have lost about 78kg* to date.  My body fat percentage in October last year was 48.5%.  It is now 33% I go to the gym about 6 times a week.  I work shift work, 10 hour shifts between mornings and nights.  On the days I work I aim to do 60 – 90 minute sessions at the gym.  My days off between 120 – 150 minutes.  I see my PT twice a week for 45 minute sessions so I either start off with her to make my time up or do it at the end.  I have spent a fortune on new clothes.  Not because I am a clothes horse, but its hard to stay in clothes that fit now.  I have more energy; my overall health has improved greatly.  My BMI has gone from +60 to about 38 at present.  I have started buying clothes at regular stores now, not having to search for the big men’s shops.  My next challenge is in July this year when I am doing the Gabba Stadium Stomp.  That’s about 5000 steps around the Gabba, just for fun.  I am also starting to SCUBA dive again, something I have not been able to do for about 6 years.

My message to anyone thinking about doing something to extend their life.

  1. Want to do it.  Not because others are telling you to (although those people are probably the ones that care about you the most) but because you have finally realised that you need to.
  2. Don’t expect it to be easy. It isn’t.
  3. Knowledge is king. Learn about food and exercise and practise what you learn.  You can still cheat the procedure by eating the wrong foods and not exercising.
  4. Be ready to change your life.
  5. To use a military phrase; “The only easy day was yesterday” Challenge yourself to be better. To do better.  Push yourself.
  6. Develop a fantastic support team to help, encourage and support you. A good place to start are those telling you to do something (see point 1)
  7. Keep a diary to track how your feeling. Use this to help you work out when you want to eat comfort food so you can work out how to beat that craving.

I hope my story can help someone to make a life changing decision.  It has worked for me.  The best thing I could have done for myself.  I just wish now, that I was ready mentally years ago to make the change. *

Paul Johnston


From WLSA:

What an incredible transformation, Paul! You almost halved your body weight, a massive 90kg* in 12 months, who would have imagined this? We know you are enjoying your new lease of life and thank you for staying so committed to the lifestyle modification program – you deserve this phenomenal results!

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person