Wonderful WeightLoss: Rebecca Peach

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Rebecca Peach. Here’s her story.


Oh wow what a journey these past 12 months have been and it has been hard!!  I had no idea how much I was using my weight as an excuse in my life. As a way to hide and not be noticed. 


The brain washing of the past 20 years, denying myself foods, dieting, restricting, following every fad diet out there, right down to starvation diets. All to put it back on! I was so lost and confused when it came to food and fitness.


Psychologically the changes have been really difficult. Readjusting the way I think and feel about food, knowing that YES you can eat normal foods. I do eat chocolate, I love jelly beans. I do enjoy my food, but now I look for things which fuel my body with nutrition, activities which feed my soul and relationships which inspire me to be the best woman that I can be!!



I will never forget the moment I called Felicity and burst into tears, afraid, worried, unsure and desperate. As corney as it sounds she said to me ‘There is no problem which doesn’t have a solution’, this has become my motto when presented with any challenges. It has stuck with me throughout this entire year. 


The kind words from a stranger, inspire me to be the best that I can be, and one day maybe I can reach out to another person and give them a special moment that inspires them to live their life to the fullest.

Thank you everyone from your team.

forever greatful

Rebecca Peach


From WLSA:

Congratulations Rebecca, what a great effort and achievement so far! Thank you for sharing your journey.

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