Wonderful WeightLoss: Sarah Baran


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Sarah Baran. Here’s her story:

My journey so far..

Nine months on..

Since having my third child it has been a struggle to lose the weight. I got to 110kg when pregnant and even with constant exercise and diets I couldn’t drop a single kg. I then went to my doctor to try Duromine, I started to see some slight kg loss and got excited. Then once the month was up it all started to pile back on and I got very upset.


Once I talked to a few friends and they suggested maybe getting the gastric sleeve surgery done. That night I went home and talked to my husband, he said go for it, you need to be happy again.


The next morning I got on the phone to WLSA and the ball started to roll.

Within 6 weeks I was in my way to Brisbane to do my pre op with the Wesley which I weighed in at 114.8kg and the next morning having my op. Within 4 days at my first weigh in I had already dropped 4.3kg and I actually cried because I was so happy. As the weeks went by the weight kept falling off and I was over the moon. This finally gave me my freedom back to start exercising and finally feeling like a new me.

It came time for my friends 40th party and my first shopping trip, I was so disappointed at the shops she was going into and I said to her, I won’t fit into anything in here and she then made me just try. I picked up a size 14 top which was the biggest in the store and tried it on. It actually fit!! So for the first time in 10 years I was a size 14 and not a size 22.


Last year I ran the botanic to bridge in 28.56 mins and this year I ran the same race and smashed it out in 19:30 mins. I was gob smacked at the fact that I ran the full way with not having to stop and still had a massive amount of energy in the tank. I have a new found confidence that has allowed me to go back to University and follow my dream of becoming a midwife. This morning I stood on the scales and weighed in at 78kg and know that no when I workout and eat great that my weight will keep coming off. I thank WLSA for being the engine that gave me back my life.

WeightLoss Warrior,
Sarah Baran

A message from WLSA team:

Sarah your story is truly inspiring. You are looking absolutely fantastic and it’s so lovely to hear that you have found the new you and you are going to University to follow your dreams. Congratulations on your amazing achievement in the Bridge to Botanic, you must be so proud of yourself, as we all are of you. We love hearing all of these amazing achievements from our patients and being able to share in their goals as well. We look forward to continuing to watch your amazing journey.

Alex Thomson
Medical Receptionist

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