Wonderful Weightloss: Sarah Mc Roberts

This week’s wonderful weight loss story is Sarah Mc Roberts, below is her “BEFORE” image.

WLSA-Wonderful-Weightloss- Sarah-Mc-Roberts-2

Your team is freaking outstanding! I could not have done this without each and every single one of them. I was explaining to Brianna I don’t weigh in regularly as Warren and I had discussed doing things that make me happy, not focusing on the number. I haven’t weighed in a couple of months, but I would say I’ve easily lost 25 – 30 kilos since November 17th 🙂

WLSA-Wonderful-Weightloss- Sarah-Mc-Roberts

It’s been amazing from a size 22 and I am starting to fit size 14 and larger 12s. I am a very active and motivated girl and tried years to move away from 110kgs! I was doing every thing I could I was literally down to eating just egg white and spinach omelettes for breakfast and lunch and then dinner was a piece of chicken with some broccoli! I then joined a 12 week challenge and worked out 4 – 6 times a week as well as playing netball. And after the 12 weeks I lost 2 kilos. My body just no longer was responding to foods or exercise and even the exercise I was doing I couldn’t do to the best of my ability as I had a stomach in the way. It was defeating and disheartening. I started looking for someone else to help me and I rang your beautiful reception staff! 3 weeks later I was meeting with your team and 6 weeks after that surgery was booked. NOW It’s just no comparison.

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I am able to do small things like go shopping in clothes stores. They maybe large, but hey I didn’t have that 4 – 5 months ago! I am working out and eating lean and my body actually responds positively to it! I’m sleeping better and everyone around me is starting to notice the difference in energy and weigh! I am a huge traveller.

WLSA-Wonderful-Weightloss- Sarah-Mc-Roberts-after-Travel (1)

I travel 3 – 4 times a year and it was one of my worries going away that I would hurt my body by not being at home to be able to fuel it properly. I just returned from two weeks in New York and Cancun.

WLSA-Wonderful-Weightloss- Sarah-Mc-Roberts-after-Travel (2)

There were some lessons for sure. So any post ops travelling MAKE SURE:

– You have a mini bar fridge in your room. It makes it easier to buy local fruits and foods and be able to keep meals cold for a later time

– Pack your drink bottle in your suit case and I also took some electrolyte tablets on the plane to make sure my body stayed hydrated.

– When on the plane any of the airplane food that they give you, don’t eat the packaged food. I.E. Bread roll or dessert packets. Keep these aside and it will let you graze later on in the flight

– Any fruit available at buffets take with you when you are out and about

-Meal sizes are quite large even when you ask for a kiddies, so use take home packs or share with others to get the most value

– Don’t forget to enjoy the local foods 🙂 You are on holiday, just ensure 90 % of your diet is still consistent and just treat yourself with the little delicacies.

WLSA-Wonderful-Weightloss- Sarah-Mc-Roberts-after-shots

Sarah Mc Roberts


From the CEO of WLSA:

Thanks for sharing your story, Sarah! What a big change you have had, above is the “AFTER” photo post her Gastric Sleeve procedure at WLSA, it shows a very happy & healthy looking Sarah Mc Roberts indeed – wow!

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