Wonderful WeightLoss: Scarlet


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Scarlet. Here’s her story:

I’ve lost and gained huge amounts of weight since I was a teenager. Realising I will always struggle with my weight, I opted for lap sleeve surgery. I did not want my weight to cause me health issues or to age prematurely. At 157cm tall, I went from 92kg to 52kg a year after my surgery, achieving a 40kg weight loss on my 30th birthday. I’m so happy I made this change to my life. I feel younger, energised, and free.

WeightLoss Warrior,



From the WLSA Team

How amazing to read Scarlett’s fantastic weight loss goal was reached before such a significant birthday. Not only did she loose 40kg but she gained her life back in the process. We love reading stories about how weight loss surgery has not only changed a person physically, but mentally as well. Congratulations Scarlett, you are looking fantastic!

Alex Thomson
Medical Receptionist

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