Wonderful WeightLoss: Sharon Page

Update 23rd Jan 2018:

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Sharon Page Here’s her story.

My Gastric Sleeve surgery was on 18/12/2015. I finally got into double digits just before Xmas 2017. So far have I have lost 80.2 kgs with another 20kgs to go to till I reach my goal weight.

My life (& quality of) is so much better now, physically & mentally. Before surgery, I could barely walk due to swollen legs and feet and got puffed so quickly. I also had trouble sleeping as couldn’t breathe, ended up having to sleep sitting up.

I now participate in 5km Park Runs, mostly fast walking & a little jogging (which I intend to increase this year so can do 10kms in Gold Coast Marathon), deep water running and group classes at my gym, which includes spin and Kangoo Jumps (see photo with boots on). I recently completed “My Marathon”, I walked 42.2kms to raise money for The Heart Foundation. I am considering completing a TriPink event this year!

Going to the movies is much more comfortable as I fit into seats easily, the same with the hairdresser, travelling daily in public transport, and attending sporting events/concerts. Buying clothes/underwear even shoes is much much easier now. I can even get up off the floor now without too much difficulty which is necessary now with Gym classes & playing with friends.

The best decision I ever made was to have this surgery, I only wish I had done it years earlier.

Weight loss Warrior,
Sharon Page

From #TeamWLSA

Sharon, your journey is truly inspiring. Not only have you lost 80.2kg, but your whole outlook on life has changed. You’ve improved your health and wellbeing and you can see by your photos how you are absolutely radiating happiness now. It’s great to see you participating in so many events and enjoying your active lifestyle now. We hope you are joining team WLSA for GC Marathon 2018! Congratulations again Sharon!

Alex Thomson, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

First Published: [ 3rd Jan 2017 ]

I know I have been slack with my follow up appointments so I thought I would post proof I’m doing Ok. Nearly 12 months later on my wedding day. So far 65kgs lost thanks to WLSA. My 2017 challenge to lose another 35kgs to reach my goal.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and thank you for the support from each of you and your team and the terrific support group.  My heart is overflowing with love!

From WLSA: Congratulations Sharon, what a great effort and achievement so far! Thank you for sharing your journey.

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