Wonderful WeightLoss: Tabatha Young


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Tabatha Young. Here’s her story:

My pre-surgery weight was 112.7kgs, the heaviest I had ever been in my life. This weight gain was the result of contracting Parvo Viras and Fibromyalgia. I was not able to do much for myself due to severe pain, so the thought of exercising was non-exist.


I have tried every diet on this earth, attempted exercise but no commitment. I have known people to have surgery but never looked into it until last year when workmates had their surgery and I could see the results for myself. At this point I was told by doctors that’s I was borderline diabetic, this then pushed me to call and make the commitment. I have never looked back since.

Since surgery, I have turned things around for my daughter, my mother and I. We are not on a diet, we are on a healthy lifestyle journey. We eat mainly organic raw foods. We food prep each Sunday, I portion my main meals into 300ml containers and freeze (my freezer is a mini takeaway shop), my daughter makes the bliss balls, and we make a slice (as I don’t buy muesli bars). Food Prep has been the most important way to remain true to myself. I work out the menu over the week and shop to it.

My daughter loves fish and chips and chicken nuggets, so she makes her own now in the air fryer coating fish or chicken in quinoa flakes or Lupin flakes which she loves.

We exercise weekly attending the local Crossfit gym, running marathons and have also registered for the park runs.  Next year my goal is to run the 5.7kms at the Gold Coast Marathon alongside my daughter. And with the assistance of the coaches at Crossfit, I’m sure I will do it.

I am now 27kgs down and my mum is 18kgs down and as a family, we are highly active making Deadly Choices.

WeightLoss Warrior,
Tabatha Young

From the WLSA:

Congratulations Tabatha! What a fantastic result on every level and I absolutely love the way you enthusiastically and consistently embraced all the positive changes you needed to make in order to achieve your goals. You’ve been so proactive and organised in your approach and it’s wonderful to see how you’ve impacted your lovely mum and daughter in such a positive way as well. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and for being such a great example to all of us.

Leslie Hartley, Psychologist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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