Wonderful WeightLoss: Tara Rangitonga

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Tara Rangitonga.

Here’s the story of a busy & fabulous mummy, Tara Rongitonga:

Thank you for asking me to share my story. I actually became a little emotional as I began writing about my past, present and future, not realising how much has already changed in such a short time.

To all those that are considering WLSA, no matter how young or old you are…DO IT.

I’m a young, busy mum of three boys. Thankful for a supportive husband and family (except for some) to help me with my journey.


After my second baby at 20, I found myself rapidly gaining weight. I became so swollen and puffy and was diagnosed with PCOS. My beautiful son was 11lbs born and my body went into meltdown. I was borderline gestational diabetic.


I became so insecure over the years. Along came baby number three. Immediately I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and required insulin every day. I was NOT A BAD EATER!

I never drank alcohol, soft drink, juice etc and never over-indulged in sugary processed foods, my body needed help.

Thank god I discovered WLSA! It was meant to be, in my eyes and before I knew it, it was all happening.


At 25 I had the gastric sleeve surgery. I was 158cm & 98kgs* to begin with. I’m now (Winter 2016) 55-56kgs* and down to a size 6-8 from a 20!

Although I have some haters (they can hate and I will embrace my new life without them), I now enjoy going clothes shopping, my mum use to buy my clothes for me because I was too ashamed to go shopping.


I’m looking forward to our upcoming cruise in November and feeling confident in swimmers. I will now say yes this summer when my boys ask to go to the beach and will not need to make excuses.

My innocent yet honest children no longer call me fat. I also was able to dance my butt off at a friends birthday recently and felt fabulous! I’m now called the skinny b**** on my netball team which I find funny.

I now know I will never be a diabetic and that I’m healthier for myself, my children and husband, and can enjoy my life.


Thank you WLSA for all your support and helping me get to where I am today, I can’t thank you enough. *

Kind regards,


Message from WLSA:

It’s great to see your success with your weight loss so far post ESG Tara! It is fantastic what you have achieved in only four months and we are so excited to watch the rest of your journey!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person