Wonderful WeightLoss: Tim Pollard

This week’s Wonderful WeightLoss story is Tim Pollard, below is his story:

My story is about being a serial yo-yo dieter and emotional eater. Like many, I have tried various diets and fads in the attempt to lose weight. There was the occasional weight loss but nothing lasted, whatever I lost, I put back on more than double. This cycle continued for 20 years and was surely going to be the death of me. At my worst I was 184.3kg, very unhappy and had given up. Then when my partner of 25 years gave up on me and left, I had two choices: Get busy living or get busy dying.

With the help of some good friends and family, I was introduced to the WLSA team and I have never looked back. I was given a gastric sleeve surgical date of 12/04/17 and I chose the President’s pack and eagerly awaited its arrival. Three weeks of pre-op diet on ISAGENIX was an easy 14kg lost. Surgery day on 12th of April had no complications, no unbearable pain and no sick feeling. I was up doing laps of the nurses station to relieve some gas pain the next day and every day since I’ve been moving.

I am now 13 weeks post operation and have lost a total of 45.5kg and I honestly have never felt this good. I have heaps of energy now and the weight is still coming off steadily, average 1-2 kg a week. I am also doing cardio and weight training 4 times a week and loving it. This journey has really changed my outlook on life as well as my body and health.

Many thanks to the team at WLSA for giving me a second chance at life, there is also an added bonus, you become a member of the WLSA family which is quite possible a group of the most supportive people you will ever meet. If you have exhausted all avenues and are at your wits end with losing weight, you need to consider this journey you will not regret it.


– Tim Pollard


From the CEO of WLSA

Tim’s story for me resonates with so many stories that we listen to on a daily basis. A history of yo-yo dieting only to feel like a failure and to “give up” is so common. We know that 95% of diet and exercise programs alone fail! We need to choose options for people that set them up for success as the only option! Surgery plus support and learning to live a healthy lifestyle is the perfect combination for permanent results. We love the support that Tim offers to other patients in our private support group. He is a generous and giving supporter to others.

I am so happy that Tim did well on the Isagenix pre-surgery program. These products are sensational; they taste good and help people stick to the plan! It’s only short term but patients survive and thrive well beyond this stage of the program!

Well done Tim, your results at 13 weeks are already life changing. We look forward to a continuing relationship with you for the next 12 months and watching you achieve all of your new life goals.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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