Wonderful WeightLoss: Tina Love

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Tina Love. Here’s her story:
I am doing really well! 58 kg down! (That’s my daughters weight, I have lost a whole person!).Just had our 3 week holiday down the coast.
My husband says it’s the best Holiday I have had in 10 years! This year I was able to get out of our accommodation and meet all the friends my husband had made over the last 10 years in the park. It was fantastic meeting so many wonderful people. One of the days I hijacked a friends kayak to have a go! We now have bought 2 of our own. I tried my hand at tubing behind our boat. That was great! Boat our boat! I could get in our boat this year! I’ve been to SeaWorld several times and wet ‘n’ wild! So many life changes. I am really enjoying myself more than even.
I came to the realisation that after 11 years in my job I have less weight than when I started. So many people have commented on how great I look. It is a wonderful feeling when you hear that! I no longer have asthma attacks when I walk, I don’t sweat much at all. I have lost a shoe size! It’s nice to be able to buy clothes from a variety of different shops. My whole family have benefited from my weight loss as well as me! I could go on with all the changes. Some are massive and some are small, but they all count and mean a lot! My journey is not finished but it has been a fantastic ride so far! *
Tina Love

Message from WLSA:

It’s great to see your success with your weight loss so far post ESG Tina! It is fantastic what you have achieved in only four months and we are so excited to watch the rest of your journey!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person