Wonderful WeightLoss: Trevor Gray

This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Trevor Gray. Here’s his story:

1)  What was the trigger for you that first made you realise that you needed to investigate a weight loss surgical procedure?

Whilst my weight gain has been happening over the last 20 plus years, it wasn’t until last year when my wife was diagnosed with a medical condition and I took time off work and moved to the Gold coast for six months that my weight rapidly blew out. I gained around 10 kg in less than six months and I really couldn’t handle it. I was sore all over all the time. I had difficulty breathing and moving around was difficult. There was another health issue associated with obesity that was starting to present, however, I really wasn’t noticing them at the time.


2)  Tell us about the journey for you to reach your first 50kgs of weight loss?

For me, the weight loss was very rapid to start with, and the biggest challenge I faced was all in my mind. It used to be nothing for me to sit down and eat a full rump steak and veggies (and eat it very quickly). All my eating habits come from my upbringing where I was taught to eat everything on my plate, and from my time in the defence force where you ate your meals really fast because time was a luxury you didn’t have. What also didn’t help much is that fact that I married a good woman who also happens to be a good cook. Up until recently, my wife would give me my meal and I would look at her and say what is this? There is only about a cup of food on my plate and I would look at her and my son’s plates and they both have larger serves on them. Even though I knew I had the right amount of food on my plate, my head was still telling me that I was missing out (I would then find that I was nearly unable to eat the “little” bit on the plate given to me).

One of the other issues I had was hydration, working in western QLD on and in roofs in 40+ temperatures requires you to drink a lot of water. I found that I often had difficulty taking enough water on board due to the reduced stomach capacity, mainly due to the fact that then and even still now I can only take about two to three mouthfuls of water at t time before I would be full.

With the teaching and guidance from the team at WLSA, I have never felt sick or really shown the what I would call the negative signs of the rapid weight loss (gauntness), the whole process from the start of the pre-op diet to now has really been easy for me. Even when I went in for the procedure there were no nerves, it was just like I was going to sleep in a different bed for a while and when I woke up the procedure had been done. Just a few days of discomfort and I have never looked back with any regrets, it truly has been the best decision of my life.

3)  50 kilos is such a huge milestone. What daily activities are now easier for you and what new activities have you included in your daily routine?

I played squash before the procedure and I would come off the courts between each game puffing and panting like a locomotive. And with all the extra weight I was carrying, momentum was an issue for me to the extent that I managed to break my wrist one game because I couldn’t stop myself hitting the wall due to the weight. I find now that I play my three games a night and the only visible signs of any stress are the fact that I am sweating, I am actually looking to be able to fill in for someone else and play another three games. I also find that I move around the court much better now due to being so much lighter and being able to bend more due to the lack of bulk.

The next step is to get my bike back on the road, I am really looking forward to it. I am expecting my endurance to be greatly increased based on my performance on the squash court.

I find work so much easier now as well, I probably started back at work a week earlier than I should have but the difference between then and now is really quite astonishing. When I first started (being a new type of work as well) I still had a lot of bulk so I wasn’t moving fast and had difficulty in confined spaces. Now I move at a pace that is comfortable for me and achieves all that I that I need to on a daily basis, and I find I can get into places now that I would never have attempted six months ago. An example of this is when going into a roof cavity on a tiled roof, there are roughly 300 x 300 openings that I am able to easily go through now whereas before I would have been lucky to get both of my legs into the opening let alone the rest of me.


4)  How has the weight loss changed your relationships and family life?

I had to ask my wife to answer this one. She says I am more pleasant to look at, my confidence is higher and I am happier. For the most part my whole family is supportive and somewhat envious of the weight loss.


5) What does your vision for a healthier future look like now?

Being able to do activities that I wouldn’t have done or had difficulty doing in the past like fishing and camping. Looking forward to going on hikes again with the wife.

I am also hoping that by the example that I have become that I can encourage others to embrace weight loss and healthier lifestyles.

Trevor Gray – Weightloss Warrior

From WLSA:

Well done Trevor! Your story is truly inspiring. All of us here at WLSA are very proud of your achievements so far and how much you have actively changed your lifestyle for the better. I love that you have the energy to want to continue playing multiple games of squash in one night after surgery! I hope to see you join team WLSA for the GCM in 2019! We look forward to continuing to watch your journey unfold, we are so glad we’ve been able to help you along your journey

Alex Thomson, Medical Receptionist of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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