Wonderful WeightLoss Update: Jay Couch

This week, we celebrate the successful Weight Loss of Jay Couch. Here’s his story:

We featured Jay Couch weight loss experience back in September 2015, and since then, he’s made even more impressive (and very happy) progress in his journey! Here are some moments we think are worth highlighting from Jay’s happy posts: On 15th Oct 2015, Jay posted: Just checking in!!! Loving this!! I went to Habour Town at the weekend and was able to go in any store I wanted… I had to be dragged away WLSA Jay Couch 6.jpg   On 30th Oct 2015, Jay posted: I am so happy with this decision I cant help doing comparisons! Today’s pic is surgery day (5/8) and today! Physically and mentally. Just love it! Its great to feel ‘alive’ again smile emoticon How could I not be grinning??!!   WLSA Jay Couch 1.jpg On 5th Nov 2015, Jay posted: Erin, is this better? (Erin is WLSA’s Dietitian) WLSA Jay Couch Meal.jpg On 24th Nov 2015, Jay posted: Size 36 inch Jeans!!! Nice one!!! On 29th Nov 2015, Jay posted: I may have shed a tear…… maybe… 🙂 WLSA Jay Couch 3.jpg On 12th Dec 2015, Jay posted: Happy Weekend All! Im celebrating no longer being obese! WLSA Jay Couch 4.jpg   On 9th Jan 2016, Jay posted: Just another plus to this whole journey so far… If I eat out my meals now usually come with a toy or crayons! #winning On a serious note though, it’s absolutely no wonder why kids are getting bigger, the kids meals are all fried with chips! At least at Maccas you can choose to have the apple slices and a fruit juice. On 21st Jan 2016, Jay posted: Yup. Just call me skinny bitc*! I think I was 13 the last time I bought a 34… I tried on some shorts earlier too. Size L too big!! Bought the Medium. Still smiling *WLSA Jay Couch 5 You are a real inspiration to many, Jay! Thanks for sharing your progress so openly with the wider community and being so honest about it. WLSA is proud of you! If you would like to find out more about how Jay started this life changing journey, to become the healthier & happier person he is today, join us at the next FREE information session, click here.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person