Wonderful WeightLoss: Wayne Sills


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Wayne Sills. Here’s his story:

I had my sleeve done on the 2nd December 2016, I was weighing 186kg, had just left a job that I was in for 15 years and decided that it was time to do something for myself and look after my health before it was too late, as I have a lot of things that run in the family health wise.

I am now almost 8 months post op and have lost 73kg and am loving life again. It has made life so much easier day to day and just the small things like putting socks on used to be a struggle but now is no dramas at all. I have been really lucky as I have had nothing go wrong and have settled into a very nice routine now.

I can honestly say this is the best thing that I have ever done and it has changed my life so much that I feel like a totally different person now. I still walk past a mirror and see a big bloke but my mind is slowly catching up with the body.

The only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this a lot sooner to be honest!

WeightLoss Warrior,
Wayne Sills


From the WLSA Accredited Practising Dietitian

We so often hear patients tell us that the only regret they have is not having weight loss surgery sooner, to hear it from Wayne with such conviction is very rewarding as a dietitian. Wayne has had a dream run since surgery, has started a new job, is walking and going to the gym and even considering playing league football next season. Weight loss surgery has opened up so many opportunities for him, and now he is living his dream.

Brianna Fear-Keen


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