Wonderful WeightLoss: Wendy Kirk


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of Wendy Kirk. Here’s her story:

I had my sleeve surgery on May 23rd 2017. My starting weight was 110kgs.

I have fought the weight battle all my life, I have tried all sorts of diets only to put the weight back on.

I am now 3 months post-surgery my weight is 87kgs, I have lost 23kgs so far. I have had no problems at all since my surgery, I feel GREAT and look like  a changed person with my new hair cut & colour.

Now when I look in the mirror I like what I am seeing the change is amazing,  my clothes are all so big now I’ve had to buy some SMALLER ones. Love this feeling.

I still have 12kgs to go to reach MY GOAL WEIGHT OF 75kgs but with my new positive attitude this will be easier.

This is the BEST thing I have done for MYSELF as well as given up smoking 18 months ago. I feel so much healthier now at 52 years old.


Thank you so much to the team at WLSA, my LIFE has changed for the BETTER.

WeightLoss Warrior,
Wendy Kirk


A message from WLSA team:

It’s been incredible to witness Wendy’s journey so far and watch her not only change physically but mentally as well in the last 3 months. We love your new found positive outlook on your life and the hairdo to go with it! You are looking incredible Wendy and all of us here at WLSA can’t wait to continue to watch your amazing journey unfold. Your goal is fast approaching and with the help of all of us here we are just excited as you for you to reach your 75kg goal weight.

Alex Thomson
Medical Receptionist

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