Wonderful Weightloss: Zane Owen Yates

This week’s wonderful weight loss story is, Zane Owen Yates! Below is his BEFORE Gastric Sleeve image. And he wrote a little story of his journey, a very inspirational one:


December 2016 weight – 133kg

Pre-op weight 9/3/17 – 129.4kg

Surgery weight 24/3/17 – 123.1kg

Current weight 8/4/17 – 118.1kg

Just a quick update two weeks after my Gastric Sleeve surgery.

It’s been 15 days since the operation that has already changed my life, I am down 11.3kg since starting my pre-op diet 4 weeks ago in preparation for my surgery. I feel healthier and more alive than I have in years, decades even.

It’s not the easy way out, you still need to follow the plan, but with the team at WLSA is on my side every step of the way, it has been a wonderful start to a new and longer life with my family.

I bought new clothes yesterday, and found I have dropped 3 sizes in both tops and pants, and I bought them in the “normal” section, not the BIG MENS section.

Thanks to Felicity and her great team.

Zane Owen Yates


From the CEO of WLSA:

Zane has had what we could call the “dream run” experience of surgery in the very early days. Each and every patient will respond differently and I never see 2 people with identical surgical experiences.

Zane had very minimal discomfort and next to no pain. At 2 weeks he looks fantastic and it is hard to believe he is still just getting over the surgery.

He has had such a positive attitude about the process from day 1. He is 100% committed to engaging with the team and attending appointments. He came to our first cooking class of the year before surgery where he was able to chat with patients who are already quite a long way into their journeys following the sleeve gastrectomy.

Positive outlook helps so much when approaching such a life changing decision. The best lesson for others to learn from this experience is commit 100% to yourself and the team and the rest will all fall into place. It is important for us to share early results as for someone new the fear of surgery may be just the thing holding them back. Don’t let 1 day on your life stop you from a whole world of possibilities. Let the team support you all the way.

Congratulations Zane! We are all excited to share your enthusiasm and cannot wait to follow your continued success for the next 12 months.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary for each person