Wonderful WeightLoss: ‎Elle Kate Goodall


This week, we celebrate the successful WeightLoss of ‎Elle Kate Goodall. Here’s her story:

My name is Elle Kate Goodall. Just over 2 years ago I weighed in at 184kg in Nov 2015. I had gastric sleeve surgery but not only did I have surgery, I completely cut junk from my diet and learned how to eat again with one goal in mind, I needed to learn to eat to fuel my body because I was determined to try the sport of triathlon. I wanted to swim, ride, run my way to be a better me BUT never did I think I would accomplish what I have and in such a short space of time, I’m out to prove it is possible. So last Sunday, I completed my first FULL IRONMAN!!


A full Ironman consists of a 4km swim, then straight on the bike into a 180km ride, then straight off the bike into a 42.2km run to that finish line. You have 17 hours to complete the race, I did it in 13 hours with a couple of setbacks on the day with sharks, bushfires, RIDICULOUSLY hot and humid day. People were dropping like flies, the DNF (did not finish) rate of Busselton IRONMAN this year was over 22% BUT I made it through and let me tell you it was one of the proudest moments of my life as I crossed that finish line  I had endured immense pain throughout the day, the ride was hot and I was in pain from the 90km mark all the way through to the last 90km leg of the ride but I was determined to prove I can do it. The run was just excruciating  but I knew I just had to put one foot in front of the other, I had to get to that finish line you can follow my story on MY PAGE.

WeightLoss Warrior,
‎Elle Kate Goodall

From #TeamWLSA

This is the most awesome Motivation I could ever hope to share. Everyone’s goals and aspirations are different after weight loss surgery; it could be as simple but as significant as being able to play with your kids in the park or tying your own shoelaces again! But… The sky is the limit! Seeing that Elle has managed 2 years after her sleeve to complete a full ironman leaves me speechless! The ultimate test of fitness and endurance and more than anything else determination and gutsiness! So incredibly proud to share Elle’s story and hope that we will be helping many more people reach their personal best in 2018. Massive congratulations Elle! We can’t wait for you to share your story in person next year at WLSA. Please join me in congratulating Elle. Lots of love.

Felicity Cohen, CEO of WeightLoss Solutions Australia

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