#YesYouCan Movement

#YesYouCan is a movement focusing on changing the obesity stigma and to give everyone affected by this disease a voice. #YesYouCan mission is to make obesity a topic that is publicly accepted and discussed because everyone deserves to live a healthier life. Obesity is one of the last socially accepted forms of discrimination. If you or someone you know have struggled or still struggling to end the battle with obesity, join this movement to share your story.

Andrew Morello

Andrew Morello is the winner of the first Australian Apprentice and is the Head of Business at the Entourage Business Education. When we last heard from Andrew he had only just begun his weight loss journey - it has now been two years since his surgery and he has seen a massive shift mentally and emotionally.

Training for longer and more comfortably now, even completing the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. Andrew's biggest problem now is having to buy new clothes!

Richard Smedley

In this very emotional interview, Richard shares his darkest moments with obesity that has impacted his younger life and claimed the lives of his beloved wife and sister. Denial in obesity is a serious matter but the public must understand that obesity is not just someone being lazy. Obesity is an addiction no different to smoking, drugs or any other substances. There are varying factors contributing to this disease, from genetics, medical to mental health issues. Richard urges Australian to hear the voices of those suffering from this illness that is causing many other crippling diseases such as diabetes.

Adam Bilsy

Chapter 1

Since day 1 of being on Lego Masters, Adam has shared his surgical weight loss journey as his back story. He's been featured on magazines and several podcasts. 

Life has changed so much for him over and above the 65kgs he has lost to date. All of sudden, he's on national TV, he has a beautiful newborn baby girl, he bought a house and he's getting married in New York! It only gets better & better!

So bite your bottom lip and just do it! Because #YesYouCan

Chapter 2

Weight loss has significantly contributed to the way my life and lifestyle is. The more weight I lose, the more "risks" I can take in life. All of a sudden, I'm on Lego Masters TV Show, I have a newborn baby, I bought a house and I'm getting married in New York! It only gets better & better. Now I'm thinking, what's next?

Lego Masters was straight filming from morning till night, there's no way I would have been able to stand up for the long days of the filming day.

 Although I'm on TV for Lego Masters, the mainstream media wants to know about my weight loss. I was featured on TV Week magazine cover and several podcasts. Weight loss surgery no longer a taboo subject!

Priscilla Farry

"When I was in Year 9, I stood on the scales and it showed 53kgs. It was embarrassing & made me feel I wasn't the same as everybody else. Everyone was saying "You're beautiful. You're just a funny big girl." At that moment, it didn't matter they said, it was like, I don't look the same as them."

Corey Mahauariki

"Progress from a year ago till now, I'm a completely different person again. A year on now, I've got a grip of what I need to do. I'm just pacing myself, it's no longer a race for me. I know this is a long term journey, and the result is still coming."

Chloe Strachan

"Yes, you can go into a shop and buy clothes off the rack and have someone serve you. Yes, you can go and sit at a table in a chair and not have it break, you don't need to worry about that. Yes, you can go to the public toilet and shut the door behind you. Yes, you can!"