Your Weight Loss Journey Explained


The best advice we can give regarding your post-operative phase is to be positive and utilise the services and resources available in our clinic. Our surgeons, patient liaison staff, psychologist and dietitian are all here to support you and want to know how you are progressing through various stages of your journey.

They all have the experience to guide you accordingly and will keep you on track to achieving your weight loss goals and improving your quality of life. Most of these services are included in your surgical package and will not incur any extra cost. You should therefore take advantage of these services, since research shows those who access at least 5-6 visits with a clinical support team in the first 12 months following surgery, have better weight loss results.


These steps are a guide to what you can expect following weight loss surgery and may include other appointments as necessary with our Bariatric Nurse, Michelle Scott, who helps to assess your needs along the way. For those undergoing Lap Band Surgery, Michelle will also assist you with band adjustments at various stages of your journey and as needed. Your first band adjustment generally coincides with your first Group Session between Weeks 6 and 8 following surgery. Go to Phase 3 (Years 2 and Beyond)