Your Weight Loss Journey Explained


The key to weight loss success is starting a journey you can continue and surrounding yourself with people who can help you invest in your quality of life. This means you should expect to have regular contact with various support team members as you progress on your journey in years 2, 3 and beyond so you can one day finally bring an end to concerns about your weight.

For some people, this means bringing closure to their weight loss journey at some point and embarking on a journey of healthy living and weight maintenance. For others, closure may be in the form of a complete makeover and may include a tummy tuck or facial rejuvination (anti-wrinkle injectables) for a fresher, younger look. Remember, everything you are likely to need, whether it be a band adjustment, more dietary assistance, more motivation, cosmetic procedures, advice, or just a bit of help, you can access within our clinic.

Here is a reminder of the services available in our clinic, no matter whether you undergo Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Lap-Band Surgery, or the Orbera Intragastric Balloon procedure.


For those undergoing Lap-Band surgery, band adjustments are part of the process to not only achieving your weight loss goals, but maintaining them too. So, it is likely you will need to maintain contact with the clinic for all your adjustment needs in the years to come. Back to Phase 1. Back to Phase 2